Our Team

What distinguishes the QualiWork Team?

  • High experience of more than 20 years in consulting in national and international ISO references
  • Full integration into the client organization culture
  • Dedication and positive energy aiming at the client’s motivation
  • Persistence in pursuit of the shared goal
  • Counseling and training strategy, aiming at the best outcome for our clients
  • Ensuring the technical qualification of internal and external Consultants
  • A global perspective resulting from the knowledge of various areas of activity

Patrícia Paulo

Patrícia Paulo has a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Environmental Engineering – Lisbon Higher Institute of Engineering, quality director, senior consultant, coordinating audit and accredited trainer, being responsible for several projects of quality certification and DGERT Certification in various sectors such as education, human resources, services and commerce. Its main customers are: Grupo AMF, ISEG, IP Lisboa and SAS IP Lisboa, IP Beja, IP Bragança, Entreposto Auto, Camões – Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, IP, Ertek and Anadolu, SLOT, Grupo Pedro Choy, Universidade Autónoma, FPDA – Federação Portuguesa de Autismo, Vidigal Silva & Carlos Silva, Crismetal, Grémio – Instrução Liberal de Campo de Ourique, Psicoteste and Psicotempos, Tripolo, Jeset Portugal, 3GPhone, DataFax, Prológica / ITEN,Conceito, SA.


Tlm:. +351 964178752

Pedro Santana

Pedro Santana is a founder, partner and general director of QualiWork, with a degree in Zootechnical Engineering, a postgraduate degree in Quality Engineering, Environmental Engineering and a Higher Hygiene and Safety at Work Technician, lead auditor APCER, responsible for QualiWork Training and pedagogical coordinator, Self-protection measures specialist and IDI in various sectors of activity such as health, human resources, information technology, telecommunications, education, public administration, industry, metal-mechanics and commerce. The main clients are: INOVARIA – Present, Metatheke and Globaltronic, ZON Cable TV Telecommunications, Fujitsu, ISEG, Edinfor / Logica, Oracle, PT-SI, Universidade de Évora, Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES), Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Informa DB, Randstad, Ar Telecom, Diaverum, Instituto dos Pupilos do Exército, Setrova, Stilgest.


Tlm:. +351 917843174

Sónia Vieira

Sónia Vieira is founder, partner, technical director of QualiWork, has a degree in Economics from ISEG UTL, is a senior consultant, auditor coordinator APCER, element of the Technical Committees CT191 ISO / IEC 20000, CT163 ISO / IEC 27001 and CT208 Blockchain of itSMF and IPQ, trainer accredited, accounting for various certification projects in quality, ISO / IEC 20000 and information Security in various sectors of activity such as information technology ISO/IEC 27001, human resources, telecommunications, education, public administration, mechanical engineering and commerce. Its main reference customers: DGES, Camões – Instituto da Língua e Cooperação, IP, ISEG, IP Lisboa, IP Bragança and IP Beja, Universidade de Évora, Universidade Autónoma, Colégio Vasco da Gama, Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Maria, Crismetal, ZON TV Cabo Telecommunications, Ar Telecom, Prológica, ITEN, Compta, INOVARIA, Randstad, Fujitsu, Maxiglobal, Optimizer, Metatheke, Versão Integral, ILC, Warpcom, GLINTT, Conceito, SA, Escola Alemã de Lisboa.


Tlm:. +351 917842136